Greenbrier County Fire and Emergency Responders

Please remember we are under a no outdoor ban!

What is a Fire Levy?
A fire levy is a tax that is paid yearly and will benefit all fire departments in Greenbrier County, as well as residents, business and industry and visitors. This amount will be added into your real estate taxes.


What will it cost me?

The estimated cost will be, on average, $48.00 per year, or less than $1.00 per week! This simple amount will allow each FD to purchase required gear and equipment and strive toward full compliance in training and operations through the WV State Fire Commission.


What will this money be used for?
The expenditures allowed from these funds include: fire station construction, buildings and grounds, maintenance of buildings and grounds, utilities, telephones, television/internet service, insurance of all types, vehicle and maintenance expenses of all types, office equipment, accounting expenses, training expenses, the construction and maintenance  of training areas, purchase of firefighting equipment, repair of communication equipment.


Why do we need a Fire Levy?
Due to the constantly rising cost of workers compensation, insurance, utilities, and fuel, most departments do not have enough money in their yearly budget to purchase proper equipment for their firefighters and meet required standards. Without the levy, local fire departments may be forced to close their doors. If this happens, it will take twice as long for the next closest fire department to respond to an emergency and it will make Homeowner’s Insurance premiums skyrocket.
Through a levy, fire departments will have the ability to properly equip their firefighters and meet applicable standards. Our goal is to lower each station’s ISO (Insurance Services Office) rating, which will assist in lowering homeowner’s insurance premiums and SAVING YOU MONEY